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Fruit,ornamental and avenue trees for the professional market

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Professional arboriculture with more than 60 years experience

Arboriculture Dirk De Troy is specialized in cultivating fruit, ornamental and avenue trees for the professional market.

Garden centers, landscapers and green services will find a complete tree assortment.

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Exclusive assortment of globular trees and Japanese cherry trees

Globular trees are very popular, convenient for smaller gardens and streets.

Arboriculture Dirk De Troy offers a wide range of Japanese cherry trees. We created a unique rootstock that insures disease free trees.

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How to order easily in 4 steps?

Ordering trees and plants through our website is quick and easy. We like to help you in ordering by following 4 steps.

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Quick delivery through the newest technologies

In October, the harvesting season starts, this always is a busy period. Different machines are operated to insure quick and efficient orders.

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Tilia europaea 'Pallida'

Top 3 Avenue trees

Tilia europaea `Pallida`

Green leafs, autumn colors

Blooming time: June and July

Standings: sun and half-shadow

Can grow up to 20 meters

Normal soil

Can be used in industrial areas, parks, gardens, avenues and coasts

Wind and seawind resistant

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