Tree Nursery Dirk De Troy

Fruit,ornamental and avenue trees for the professional market

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The Company

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Arboriculture Dirk De Troy was founded in 1952 by Gerard De Troy. In 1974, Gerard’s son Dirk joined the company, in 2000 the grandson Wouter also teamed up. In the 1950’s the key activity was the harvesting of fruit trees and rose trees.

The company evolved in surface, from 5 hectares to 20 hectares today.
Now we harvest fruit, avenue and ornamental trees. Bushes, half standards and standards are being produced. ( depending on the type of tree)

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Our company has over 50 years experience, this results in a consistent quality.


We are situated in Wetteren, which is the biggest arboriculture region in Belgium. The sand and loam grounds insure a big assortment of different products.


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