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Harvesting trees is an intensive and complex matter. In the beginning of April, we can start plowing the grounds to cultivate. The next step is making grooves where we can plant the roots. These roots are kept in a fridge until one day before cultivating. This results in an optimal growth


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Mechanical weed combat

A few days after cultivating, the roots are firmly being fixed. Every 2 or 3 weeks, the grounds are being worked to remove weeds. This is key to optimize the growth of the plants. During the summer, this process is being repeated. A method is used where we add extra ground around the plants to combat the weeds. If the verges become to high, we use a blowing machine.



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Placing and fastening bamboo sticks

Depending on the breed, the same year or the next year, we place bamboo sticks. 1 shoot is being fastened onto the bamboos. The plant can grow optimal until the perfect height. The placing of the shoots is being repeated every 2-3 weeks.


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Increasing- Enting

The enting happens through crown enting or improved slabs. This depends on the trunk and the thickness. The enting is done when the trees have a height of 2 m 20 cm, this is the standard height for avenue trees. For the enting, a height worker is used. The ent is placed upon the lower part of the trunk and is being fasted with a Tessa paper tape. On the tape, we rub cold entwax, this is waterproof so that no water or light can have a bad influence on the growth. When the ent and the trunk are grown, the ent is being released and tied to the bamboo stick so that it does not break  when there is heavy wind.


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